-brexit-results-map-tease-final-02-large-teaseThe Prime Minister surprised the nation by calling this election. Last June a majority in England and Wales chose to leave the EU. You can see how the votes were cast from the map. Red was the colour adopted by Vote Leave. For a look at the Somerset Referendum votes simply click the map. The Referendum marked a decisive change in government policy. I deliberately remained silent during the campaign. At the time the future of Hinkley C was unsettled. There was inevitable concern that a vote to leave could hamper the progress of this vital new power station. As the MP representing the area where Hinkley is now being built, I decided to keep my views about the EU to myself. In any event the outcome of the referendum rested entirely with the people and will not be reversed. We are definitely going to leave the EU. The question that remains is how we can get the best for Britain. There are those who fear a “hard” Brexit and those who would prefer a “soft” Brexit. But the version I want – and will campaign energetically to secure – is a “sensible” Brexit – an arrangement that allows important UK trade to continue within the single market, but a deal which also recognises our right to control borders and manage our own affairs.